We offer 2 types of Personal Training with 3 different qualified coaches. Please ensue you select the correct service and coach.

Rest assured ALL Sessions take place in our private facility without any spectators. 


BOXING 1-2-1 Boxing lessons aim to work on technique and refinement to improve your boxing. Working with Fully Qualified England Boxing Certified Coach | £25

Alternatively why not try a 2-2-1 lesson?  Come along with a friend and share the session together |  £35.

During this class you'll work on techniques to improve your punching, footwork, defence and fitness. As well as this you'll perform various exercises planned specifically for you to improve your agility, speed, stamina, reflexes and strength.


PT (none boxing specific) Training isn’t always easy, but it can always be fun. Especially when you have your own coach and cheerleader motivating you to reach your full potential. Your Personal Trainer - John will design a personalised training plan to suit your needs, abilities and goals and then motivate you to achieve those goals while keeping you accountable.  There’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect fit at FORTRESS BOXING |  £35.


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Mixed Boxing Classes

Our Mixed Boxing Lessons are aimed at both male and females wanting to improved their boxing skills, heath and fitness. You do not need any previous experience to fit straight into our classes as they are aimed at all skill sets.

We start with a good warm up with some routine exercises such as skipping, jogging and shadow boxing and then we make use of our Boxing ring with a variety of exercises as well as use of the punch bags and various other accessories around the ring.



Ladies Boxing Classes

Our Ladies Boxing Classes provide the perfect opportunity to learn a variety of boxing techniques using pad work, boxing bags and other accessories.

Our classes are aimed at ladies with any experience who want to improve their boxing skill, general fitness and  physique. You can choose how you want to train and the level of intensity you want to train at.


Kids Boxing Classes

Our Kids and Youth  Boxing Classes allow your little ones to let off energy and promote regular exercise. We offer two classes a 5-10 year old  class and a 11-15 year olds class. We look to teach a variety of boxing skills as well as techniques, respect and discipline.

Our Boxing classes helps children build confidence, good posture and successfully aid in learning in other areas.